Kunst und Natur in Bewegung
More about that another day... but:
Laurenburg has a very interesting history, which was especially important in the 11th and 12th centuries. The mining of valuable metals and minerals was the main industry in the area, and there are very deep tunnels all over the landscape, some of which even go under the Lahn... We recommend tours that deal with the mining and wine-growing history of the region, especially for all Dutch people who have a direct connection to the moment when the House of Nassau split into two factions which was (say some) the beginning of the Netherlends as a sovreign country....
Our tunnel is modern, only about 12 metres long and very easy to walk through. But our imagination and enthusiasm are hopefully endless, and there is nothing better than "the light at the end of the tunnel"! (except, as Murphy's 8th Law states, when it's the headlights of an oncoming train...).
More another day..
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