Kunst und Natur in Bewegung
Why here? Laurenburg is a wonderful place to admire the best of nature.... and it has good public transport links.... it has the Lahn in its most beautiful best, right at the end of the garden... and most people in the Limburg/Diez area know it well and love to spend the odd summer day there, travelling by bike, on foot, by train or even by car or motorbike....
Why Art + Nature? We enjoy working with other members of the "creative community" and hope that our idea can grow, especially by working with the many other organisations in the region that are trying to improve our relationship with nature (and art).
We have the gallery with regular exhibitions, but also where we had a fantastic guitar and singing concert last year,  as well as a theatre group that has used it as a rehearsal space, and during the week you can also work with friends in the studio. The potential of the gallery is clear, and we are optimists!
And the house above?  There are 5+ bedrooms, plus rooms where new ideas can be born and discussed.... or projects planned, perhaps against climate change or for nature in general .... or anything to do with art.  There is also a beautiful garden - it is always open when the gallery is open and the sun is shining., and there are chairs and tables, enough bottled water ...
plus that easy-going atmosphere...
So just drop in - friendly people are always welcome, and you'll love Laurenburg!  We've already had a successful 'summer of exhibitions' in 2022,
......and we are working on the 2nd half of 2023
( here on this website in German under "Was Gibt".
If you have a question or comment, please get in touch....
E-Mail  =   info@Einfluss-Lahn.de      or by Fon:  (0177-20 648 30).
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