Kunst und Natur in Bewegung
 Ein...  BIKE STOP?
Buses stop at bus stops but bikes don't have to stop at bike stops... It's up to you, the rider...
So why stop at the Laurenburg Bike Stop?
Sometimes it's good to have a rest....
and Laurenburg is a very good place to stop....
And at the Einfluss-Lahn Galerie, we welcome you
to take a look at some art,
have some much-needed water,
and then use one of the WC's perhaps?
charge any tired E-bike batteries,
wander through or sit in the delightful Lahn Garden,
and generally relax before jumping on your bike again!
But how much does it cost?
It is organised by our Verein, and it is free...
If you wish, we would be grateful for a small donation.
Or as we are a registered Verein, you might even help pay some of the fixed costs (energy, water, rubbish u.s.w.)
because we can give you a Spenden-Quittung..
 But mostly, we hope that you will enjoy our friendly atmosphere, art, basic ameneties and relaxing garden...
and then continue on your trip with a smile....
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 ????  BIKE STOP?