Kunst und Natur in Bewegung
With this financial help from Mike and several others, the old shop was bought in 2020 from our good friends, the Rübsamen family, in the hope of creating a non-profit cultural centre.  At the moment it is run by Steve, Renate and Moni, all of whom are members of Lahn Artists and the Kremlin (in Zollhaus).
The FKLA Einfluss-Lahn Art Society helps us to manage the space and several REALLY helpful people stand by us in the practical work.    The future?

There is a small group of art enthusiasts who keep everything going - thanks to all of them.... We are hoping for enough good people who are willing to donate about €20 per year in support of the idea  Then they will get all the information about the Influence-Lahn Project, e.g. advance notices about events, and the opportunity to use the facilities if they wish (including our kayaks etc.).
Rather like Lahn Artists, it has a friendly and above all unbureaucratic atmosphere... More information from anyone when you are in Laurenburg or meet Steve, Renate or Moni anywhere!.  
And to sum it up, stress is not our thing!
As we have always said since LA was founded,
"We're the fishing boat that's not trying to catch 'fish'...
we wait for them to jump on board ..."
Best wishes from Steve, Moni, Renate and Paddy
(amongst others...)
If you have a question or comment, please get in touch....
E-Mail  =   info@Einfluss-Lahn.de      or by Fon:  (0177-20 648 30).
In  English:   Who? 
Michael Martin, an English ex-seaman and resident of Dover, died childless and left his savings to the family of his late wife, Pat -
she had died 3 years earlier
and this was their agreement....
Bike Stop?